The Big D Wave

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Inability to attain and maintain erections
  • Lost sensation in your penis
  • Incomplete erection or diminished sexual drive during sex
  • Small penis size

In a process called angiogenesis, a technician uses the shockwave handpiece to direct pulsed, acoustical sound waves to the entire organ. The sound waves have multiple effects. They break up plaque in the blood vessels, unclogging them and improving the flow of blood to the penis. They also stimulate the release of growth factors that result in the generation of new blood vessels and can increase penis girth. Additionally, they activate dormant stem, resulting in new cell growth which enhances blood flow. The treatment can also correct Peyronie’s Disease, a painful curvature of the penis.

After just one session, patients experience greater sensitivity and become more sexually responsive the same day. With the five-session E.D. package, the full effects of the therapy are realized, and in 10 sessions, you can enjoy benefits lasting up to two years or longer.  

Big D Wave therapy will result in:

  • Strong, firm, substantial erections
  • Heightened sensations in the penis
  • More intense orgasms
  • Overall enhanced sexual performance