Laser Hair Removal

Upper Valley Retreat and Medical Spa offers the best laser hair removal with advanced techniques. Hair grows in cycles, and at any given time only about 1/3 of your hair is active and growing. Every 6-8 weeks the cycle shifts and resting follicles start growing hairs. During this active growing stage, the hair can be removed with a light-emitting device.

Laser hair removal devices can be categorized as either lasers or Intense Pulse Light (IPL) devices. Lasers are an older technology that are being displaced by IPL. IPL devices emit filtered white light over a much longer duration that treats a wide range of frequencies. It is more effective, safer, and less painful.  The pulse feels like a small rubber band and snap. 

At Upper Valley Retreat and Medical Spa, we use IPL devices exclusively. This exceptional technology can treat your whole body, including underarms, legs, bikini, arms, chest, and back. Xeo® hair removal gives you the silky, smooth skin you’ve always wanted with results in as few as six treatments.